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CBeebies is a television channel produced by the BBC aimed at children 6 years and under. First launched on 11 February 2002, it is broadcast as both a free-to-air domestic British television channel, and as international variants supported by advertising, subscription or both.

The channel has been nominated for, and won, many awards. At the BAFTA Children's Awards it has won awards in every year from 2002 to 2009 (apart from 2003), including Best Pre-school Live Action Series awards in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2008. It has also won Best Schools Programme – 0–5 years awards (or equivalent) from the Royal Television Society from 2004 to 2007. It was also included in the United States on Dish Network to the present, but in a Spanish version, CBeebies en español.

Domestic and international variants

The domestic station broadcasts from 06:00 to 19:00 each day on Freeview - where it shares bandwidth with BBC Four, which broadcasts after 19:00) - cable, IPTV and digital satellite. An audio counterpart, CBeebies Radio, broadcasts for 3 hours everyday on BBC Radio 7 from 5:00 to 8:00. The CBBC Channel is its sister channel for older children.

CBeebies offers a mix of entertainment and educational programming. The channel's schedule is the same every weekday, with a different schedule at weekends. Between 14:00 and 17:00 on weekends, all programmes are signed. CBeebies also airs programming on BBC One and BBC Two. Michael Carrington is the current Controller of the channel, responsible for commissioning all CBeebies content across BBC television, online, interactive TV, and radio.

In-vision continuity for CBeebies is pre-recorded at Studio 4 of Teddington Studios, a small, widescreen equipped studio.

The international CBeebies channel is commercial-free and wholly owned by BBC Worldwide. The first international launch for the CBeebies channel was in India in May 2007. The channel is available in the Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland, Indonesia, Mexico, Africa, Australia and the United States.

In March 2011, the on demand version of the network was launched in the US and is available on Xfinity.


In February 2002, the channel launched a website, featuring links to most of the channel's programming (past and present), with activities (such as games, songs and print-outs) related to the programmes, as well as information for parents about them.

There are also websites created for CBeebies in Asia, Australia, Poland, South Africa and USA.


CBeebies uses adverts for shows coming up, new series e.g. Bob the Builder, Everything's Rosie and Mister Maker. In 2006, an advert, which uses a pop up book with two children called Jack and Daisy roaming around the book, talking about the CBeebies shows.


This is a list of programmes which have been shown on CBeebies (both in the past and currently showing). This section refers to the programming on the UK channel. International programming will vary, and may include programmes which have not appeared on the UK channel.

TV Guide

NB This section refers to the strands used on the UK channel.

Get Set Go

Broadcast from the start of CBeebies every morning at 06:00 until 09:00, hosted by Andy Day and Sidney Sloane. Showing programmes like Tikkabilla, Pingu, Postman Pat, Tweenies, Everything's Rosie, Chuggington & Tommy Zoom

Discover And Do

Broadcasts only on Weekdays from 09:00 to 15:30. This strand forms the main part of the morning and early afternoon schedule. It is hosted by Alex Winters and is broadcast from 09:00 to 12:00 then again from 13:00 to 15:30, for younger children who are are not yet at school.

Lunch Time

Lunchtime is a small part of the CBeebies day broadcast from 12:00 to 13:00,also part of Discover And Do on Weekdays and on weekends. it is presented by Cerrie Burnell and Sidney Sloane.

Big Fun Time

Broadcasts only on Weekdays from 15:30 to 18:00. hosted by Sidney Sloane, for slightly older children who have just come back from school.

Bedtime Hour

Broadcasts Every Evening 18:00 to 18:58. CBeebies's final hour of transmission is given over to Bedtime Hour. The programmes are calm, often involving stories, such as In The Night Garden, 3rd & Bird, 64 Zoo Lane, Charlie & Lola, Mr Moon ,The Story Makers & Pablo The Little Fox. Before the bedtime song there is a bedtime story normally at 18:50 to 18:58

The strand begins at 18:00 with a song ("Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon") and concludes with a pre-recorded clip of continuity presenters Alex Winters & Cerrie Burnell singing a lullaby ("The Time Has Come to Say Goodnight"). Following the song, the station closes down for the night.


NB This section primarily refers to the presenters on the UK channel.

Almost all the CBeebies presenters have appeared in children's programmes prior to presenting CBeebies — Pui Fan Lee originally played the Teletubbies character Po, and Sue Monroe voiced and puppeteered Tigs in The Shiny Show. She also operated and voiced Poppy in Playdays and Webster for CBeebies.

Prior to 2006, links between programmes on weekend mornings were presented out-of-vision and featured a pair of animated characters called Bear And Butterfly (voiced by Chris Jarvis, Pui Fan Lee and Sue Monroe.) Chris Jarvis presented the story show 'Step inside'. Cerrie Burnell is the only presenter with a disability (partially missing arm from approximately the elbow).

Current presenters

Currently, the continuity presenting team consists of:


Other countries

  • Australia: Tara Colegrave (2008 – present)
  • Hong Kong/Singapore: Pui Fan Lee (2008–present)
  • Latin America: Roser Cabañas (2009–present)
  • Poland: Aneta Bożena Piotrowska (2008–present)
  • South Africa: Sidney Sloane (2009–present)

Previous presenters


NB This section refers to the songs used on the UK channel.

CBeebies presentation throughout the day is accompanied by songs sung by the presenters.

Regular songs

Daily songs

  • What's the Day?: Originally each weekday was divided into five segments, each presented by one of the original five "core presenters" namely Chris, Nicole, Pui, Sid and Sue. The start of each segment was accompanied by the What's the Day? song. Each segment was themed (for instance Sid's segment included "building and making" programmes such as "Bob the Builder", Nicole's included animal programmes and so on). The segmentation was later dispensed with, except for the Bedtime Hour discussed below. this song is axed.
  • The Birthday Song: sung before presenters show cards sent in on behalf of their young viewers who are celebrating a birthday that day. CBeebies does not use Happy Birthday to You which despite wide public performance is purportedly a copyrighted work. this song is only used on most birthdays since 2011.
  • Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon: Broadcast at 18:00 to mark the beginning of the Bedtime Hour.
  • Goodnight: Lullaby broadcast at 19:00 to mark the close of transmission from CBeebies.
  • It's the Weekend: A song / rap sung at various times during the weekend.

Segment Songs

  • Big Fun Time
  • Get Set Go
  • Discover & Do

Day event song

  • Washing Song
  • Getting Dressed
  • It's time for Lunch: Broadcast at noon, it includes different cbeebies friends having their lunch or eating and some children having lunch as well.
  • Bathtime
  • Toothbrush Song

Occasional songs

  • Sid Says: a rap-style presentation by Sid, who tells the audience to perform simple actions (such as "Sid says, Sid says, Sid says, Sid says, Sid says 'wave your hands'").
  • Number Debut: This song was only ever sung 4 times in history by Sid & Sarah-Jane. It was a rap sung before showings of Numberjacks about Sid getting his numbers in the wrong order.
  • Number Raps: Sung by Sid and Andy – a rap for each of the numbers 1 to 5

Seasonal songs


  • Autumn Song (2009 version): A song featuring Alex, Sid, Cerrie, Andy showing them (with children) picking apples.
  • You Know It's Autumn
  • Colours of Autumn: featuring Chris and Pui


  • Spring Song


  • Summer Song
  • Summer Song (2009 version)


  • Winter Song (2009 version)


  • Christmas Rap Sung by Andy and Sid
  • Happy Christmas: during the Christmas 2006 season, a segment was recorded featuring Chris, Sid, Pui, Justin and Sarah-Jane singing the 'Happy Christmas from CBeebies to you' song.


NB This section refers to the awards won by the UK channel.


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Best Pre-school Live Action Series awarded to Teletubbies Everywhere
    • Also nominated: The Storymakers

  • Also nominated:
    • Best Interactive Service: Cbeebies Interactive TV Services


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Nominated for:
    • Best Pre-school Live Action Series: Fimbles and Balamory


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Best Pre-school Live Action Series awarded to Balamory
    • Also nominated: Fimbles

Other Awards

  • Best Early Years Programme awarded to Something Special — Garden at the Educational Television Awards 2004 by the Royal Television Society
    • Also nominated: The Roly Mo Show


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Best Pre-school Live Action Series awarded to Boogie Beebies

  • Also nominated:
    • Best Pre-school Live Action Series: Balamory and Something Special
    • Best Interactive Service: Cbeebies Online

Other Awards

  • Best Schools Programme – 0–5 Years awarded to Razzledazzle — Drip Drop and Kitty at the Educational Television Awards 2005 by the Royal Television Society
    • Also nominated: The Roly Mo Show — Imagine


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Best Pre-school Live Action Series awarded to CBeebies AutumnWatch

  • Also nominated:
    • Best Animation: The Koala Brothers Outback Christmas
    • Best Pre-school Animation Series: Postman Pat, Charlie and Lola
    • Best Pre-school Live Action Series: Doodle Do

Other Awards

  • Best Children's Channel: Highly Commended at the Broadcast Digital Channel Awards 2006

  • Best Schools Programme – 0–5 Years awarded to Numberjacks: Nine Lives at the Educational Television Awards 2006 by the Royal Television Society

  • Also nominated:
    • Best Children's Programme: Charlie and Lola: Welcome To Lolaland at the Royal Television Society Educational Programme Awards 2006


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Children's Channel of the Year

  • Best Pre-school Animation Series awarded to Charlie & Lola

  • Best Writer awarded to Bridget Hurst for Charlie & Lola
    • Also nominated: Anna Starkey (Charlie and Lola)

  • Best Children's Live-Action Series awarded to In the Night Garden
    • Also nominated: Cbeebies Autumn Watch

  • Best Animation awarded to The Secret Show
    • Also nominated: Charlie and Lola Christmas Special

  • Also nominated:
    • Best Presenter: Justin Fletcher (Something Special)
    • Best Interactive Site: Cbeebies (website) and In the Night Garden (website)

BAFTA Scotland

  • Best Children's Programme awarded to Nina & the Neurons at the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2007

Other Awards

  • Best Schools Programme – 0–5 Years awarded to Numberjacks — Zero The Hero at the Educational Television Awards 2007 by the Royal Television Society

  • Best Music Original Score John Greswell & David Schweitzer for Charlie and Lola at the Craft and Design Awards 2006–2007 by the Royal Television Society

  • Best Children's Programme awarded for Charlie & Lola at the Broadcast Awards 2007

  • Also nominated:
    • Best Children's Channel at the Broadcast Digital Channel Awards


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Best Animation awarded to Charlie and Lola Autumn Special

  • Best Pre-school Animation Series awarded to Charlie and Lola

  • Best Pre-School Live Action Series awarded to In the Night Garden
    • Also nominated: Space Pirates

  • Best Presenter awarded to Justin Fletcher (Something Special)

  • Also nominated:
    • Best Writer: Dave Ingham (Charlie and Lola)
    • Channel of the Year


  • Nominated:
    • Best Children's Programme: Nina & the Neurons

Other awards

  • Nominated:
    • Best Children's Channel at the Broadcast Digital Channel Awards
    • Channel of the Year at the Broadcast Digital Channel Awards


BAFTA Children's Awards

  • Best Interactive Service awarded to Big & Small Online

  • Also nominated:
    • Channel of the Year
    • Best Pre-School Live Action: Grandpa in my Pocket; In the Night Garden
    • Best Presenter: Andy Day (CBeebies presentation), Phil Gallagher (Mister Maker)


'Cbeebies Presents' Super Sammy To The Rescue On Monday 21 February 2011 Time Starts on 6:00 am and 6:50 pm Designed by Harry Wilson

Other Awards

  • Best Design and Innovation awarded to the channel by the Royal Television Society, whose awarding panel said "Its website is an integral part of the brand, with its TV production and online teams working together to create innovative game play and immersive web experiences."

  • Best Children's Programme awarded to Big and Small: Blame it on the Drain at the Royal Television Society's Educational Television Awards for 2009 ("A well constructed programme with great warmth, charm and child appeal.")


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