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Civics and Citizenship Toolkit : (U.S. Citizenship)

Civics and Citizenship Toolkit : (U.S. Citizenship)
Civics and Citizenship Toolkit
Are you in search of free educational materials for immigrants?
The Civics and Citizenship Toolkit is the perfect resource to help your organization begin or enhance a collection or program for immigrants.
The Toolkit contains immigration and civics publications, handbooks, multimedia tools, and a quick start guide with ideas for use. It is designed for new and experienced organizations and may be used to:
  • Provide basic information to the immigrant community
  • Develop content for classes
  • Train staff and volunteers
One free Toolkit is available to all immigrant-serving organizations. A list of eligible organizations is available on the registration page. Organizations must register to receive a copy of the Toolkit. Restrictions apply.
This page can be found at : www.uscis.gov/citizenshiptoolkit.
Learn more about the educational materials included in the Civics and Citizenship Toolkit.
Register for a free copy of the Civics and Citizenship Toolkit for your organization. Restrictions apply.