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Your child's first passport in UK

Your child's first passport in UK
Get a passport for your child
Part 2: Your child's first passport

To get a child passport, your child must be under 16 and one of the following:
  • a British citizen
  • a British overseas territories citizen
  • a British overseas citizen
You can get more information on eligibility for a British passport.
If your child is eligible, get an application form
*** It takes at least 3 weeks to get your child’s first passport - you’ll need to use a different service if you need the passport more urgently. ***

Documents you must send

You must send supporting documents with your application form that prove:
  • your child’s identity
  • they’re eligible for a British passport
*** You must send original documents - photocopies won’t be accepted. ***
The documents you must send depend on your child’s circumstances - check the guidance notes for the passport application form.



How your documents will be sent back

Your documents will be sent back through the normal post.
You can pay an extra £3 to get your supporting documents sent back to you via secure delivery when you application has been processed.
Choose this service on your application form if you want to use it.

Part 1 When you can apply
Part 3 Renewing or replacing your child's passport
Part 4: The application form
Part 5: Adopted children
Part 6: Foster children and children in care
Part 7: Children born through assisted reproduction or surrogacy


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